Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

All classes are taught for the students to develop their own skills for their own businesses. Methods taught during any class are strictly not to be taught to other students in other classes who are not attending a Nina’s Cake Cabin class.

Cancellation of Classes

Once a class has been booked and paid for we are unable to offer a refund if you wish to cancel so please make sure you check the dates and travel arrangements before making a booking.

We are unable to transfer you to another class should you wish to cancel.

We cannot be held liable for any money spent, such as travel arrangements, hotel bookings for any cancelled classes or if you require to cancel a class.

It is important that you have the appropriate insurance in place that will cover any additional costs for any cancellations.

In the unlikely event that Nina’s Cake Cabin has to cancel a class, a Gift Voucher will be offered to the same value of the class.

Wedding cakes


Initial consultations will be conducted online.

We will work through design, colours, delivery and chosen venue. Please see additional information about the design process.

A presentation box of 4 of our most popular cake flavours will be sent via royal mail for you to sample (This is for two people only ) The cake samples are complimentary for all wedding cakes booked , any samples provided prior to booking will be charged at a cost of £25 per box. Which, will be redeemable against the cost of any wedding cake booked.

Final consultation can be done online or in person at our cabin in Llanfechell Anglesey (Please note that this will be for two persons only )

Full Terms & Conditions of Order for Wedding Cakes are detailed below.

Paying your Booking Fee constitutes full understanding and acceptance of the terms detailed

Booking Fee & Balances

If you would like to book us to make your cake a Booking Fee of £150 is required to secure your date.

In line with our cancellation policy, this fee is non refundable and will be forfeited if you cancel your order or fail to collect the cake on the agreed date.

If there is a requirement to move the cake booking to another date a further booking fee of £50 will be required. Bookings will only be moved subject to our availability. If we do not have availability to move the booking and you no longer require the cake for its original date, this will be deemed as a cancellation.

The remaining payment for your cake is due 4 weeks before your wedding date.

Payment may be made earlier if you wish, but we require the balance closed 4 weeks prior to your delivery  / collection date.

It is your responsibility to remember to send final payment for all cake orders as a reminder invoice is not issued.

All payments once made are non refundable in line with our cancellation policy.

Late payments

If your payment is not made on time and in line with the above terms, we reserve the right to cancel your booking in line with our cancellation policy. Booking fees and payments made to date will be forfeited in all circumstances, this is to cover the cost of purchased equipment and ingredients for your cakes as well as a loss of revenue of refused orders. All payments must be clear in our account before any order is released.

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation of your event takes place, we reserve the right to retain monies already paid, in ALL circumstances.

If cancellation takes place 4 weeks or less before the wedding date, we reserve the right to keep the total price of the order to cover the cost of production of the cake’s components and accessories as well as loss of revenue for the date that has been held for you.

Cancellation must be made in writing (by letter or email) to Nina’s Cake Cabin and will only be deemed to take effect from the date your letter or email is received at our premises. Please note, if your booking date has previously been changed, no refunds will be made under any circumstances. We reserve the right to add a £20 administration charge to all cancellations and changes of date.

We highly recommend that you take out wedding insurance.

If you wish to postpone the event, we will endeavour to transfer your order providing we have availability for the new date and the satisfactory time in which to fulfil it. If the cake or its components have been made or ordered this will be deemed as cancellation and treated as per our cancellation terms. Further delivery charges may apply if your venue has changed. No refunds will be given for new dates that we cannot accommodate, please check and agree our availability for a new date before you finalise it. We reserve the right to add a £20 administration fee to all bookings who change dates. We cannot guarantee that can be transferred without an increase in the price of the cake if the date is more than 16 weeks from the original date. We retain the right to cancel any booking in unusual circumstance beyond our control, such as but not limited to our ill health or a personal emergency during which we will refund any money taken in full.

Events Outside of Our Control – Force Majeure

We will not be liable for any failure or delay in performing our obligations where that failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond OUR reasonable control. Such causes include, but are not limited to: power failure, internet service provider failure, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, riots and other civil unrest, fire, explosion, flood, storms, snow and ice, earthquakes, subsidence, acts of terrorism, (threatened or actual) acts of war, (declared, undeclared, threatened, actual or preparations for war) epidemic / pandemic or other natural disaster , or any other event that is beyond our reasonable control. We will not be liable to offer any refunds under but not limited to the afore said, events outside of our Control. (Force Majeure.

The Design Process & Artistic License

All the orders that we undertake are important to us, whether a small box of cupcakes of a grand tiered wedding cake, we pride ourselves on the expert, detailed precision of our work. You may send us photographs of other people’s cakes that you like and we are happy to use them as inspiration but we are not keen to make an exact duplication of another’s work, we take pride in offering a bespoke service.

Our decorative finishes are all handcrafted and are subject to the artistic interpretation of Nina’s Cake Cabin. We will do our best to match any colour requests for icing, ribbons and cupcakes cases but we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as when looking on a colour spectrum wheel there can be over 200 shades of any colour as well as taking into consideration other factors such as lighting, background, monitor resolutions and any other items or clothing near to the cake which can totally change the appearance of a colour. We aim for a good match but this may not always be possible, we cannot guarantee a true pantone match.

We also cannot guarantee that all the product-lines to be used in the construction of the cake will be available at the time of making (e.g. when a supplier discontinues an item such as a Cake topper or a particular ribbon colour) we will endeavour to re-design the cake to reflect as closely as possible the original design using replacement products. Although we only use the highest quality cupcake cases, they can on occasion peel away from the cakes. We cannot guarantee this will or will not happen and accept no responsibility if cake cases peeling away.

Alterations & Changes

It is your responsibility to read & check all quotes thoroughly; any amendments should be made in writing. If requested, we will endeavour to adjust the design where possible, but sometimes this is not possible according to the nature of the request or amount of notice given. If the alteration affects the cost, or preparation work for the original design has already been undertaken, then your balance will be adjusted accordingly. Please warn us when you pay your booking fee if you are undecided on the design.

We reserve the right to change the design of your cake at any point if circumstances beyond our control, may compromise the quality of the finished cake. eg. Melting due to weather.

Each cake is made individually by hand, so although every effort is made to ensure consistency, a small amount of variation may occur from the picture supplied. Nina’s Cake Cabin will do its best to match any colour requests for icing and decorations, but we cannot guarantee an exact Pantone match as colours present differently in different materials, and on different monitor screens. We aim for a match but that is not always possible.

Chocolate and Buttercream, we recommend extreme caution if you are considering a cake decorated with chocolate, a chocolate-based product or buttercream. (Most of our cakes have an internal covering of Chocolate Ganache). We cannot accept responsibility for any melting of the cake once it has left our possession, as we have no control over the environmental/venue temperature. We can try to advise you of designs that are less susceptible to melting and do everything within our control to reduce the impact on the cake. An optimal room temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20°C) or below is recommended.

Allergies & Special Dietary Requirements

Special diets –

Please discuss with us if any of your guests have any special dietary requirements. Cakes can be made with no added gluten, egg or alcohol. Please be aware that although these ingredients can be removed from the cakes, they are still used in our kitchen, so we cannot guarantee that any of our cakes are completely free of all traces for people who are highly sensitive. Nina’s Cake Cabin operates from a kitchen that uses common allergens on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee that there will be no trace elements present.

Non-Edible Items

Most cakes contain small proportions of inedible items; it is the client’s responsibility to ensure these are removed by your caterer/guests before consumption e.g. Support dowels in tiered cakes, ribbon, wires in sugar flowers, flower picks & flower tape (where fresh flowers are used), straws, skewers in models and armature wire.

You or your venue will be provided with an allergy warning sheet when you collect, or we deliver your cake, this will also provide details of non-edible items that we will explain in detail before we leave. Nina’s Cake Cabin accepts no liability from for customers suffering allergic reactions from eating our cakes, or choking, death or incapacitation from non-removal of the non-edible items listed.

Fruit Cakes & Jams

Please note that while every effort is made to ensure that there are no fruit stones or pips in your cake we cannot fully guarantee that any cakes containing fruit or jam are completely
free of fruit stones or pips.

Fresh Flowers

We always recommend having sugar flowers for your cakes however you might request the use of fresh flowers. Fresh Flowers will not be included in any quote that we give you. We highly recommend that all flowers and foliage are from an Organic supplier.

We are happy to work with your florist (for which an arrangement fee is charged within your quote to cover time and travel expenses to liaise with the florist and collect the flowers the day before or on the morning of the wedding), it is your responsibility to inform the florist that their bill for the cake flowers should be settled directly with yourselves (as it is not included in our price). Please note some flowers are poisonous and not suitable for use on food products, you should notify your flower supplier of your intention to use the flowers on food to ensure that non-poisonous flowers are used. Examples of toxic / poisonous flowers and foliage are Gypsophila, Ruscus, Hydrangeas, ivy and Eucalyptus. We cannot accept responsibility for issues that arise with flowers sourced by you eg. colour not coordinating with the icing colour. If flowers provided by your florist are sub-standard, we cannot be held responsible for them and their appearance on the cake.
All fresh flowers will be placed on the cake by Nina’s Cake Cabin and No responsibility will be
undertaken by Nina’s Cake Cabin for any flowers placed on the cake by any third party.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damage done to the cake by your florist or another person decorating it. Depending on the varieties of flowers used and weather conditions, some fresh flowers might not “live” long out of water therefore might start to die quite quickly, we cannot accept responsibility for the look of fresh flowers after the cake has been set up.

If fresh flowers are being used on your cake, you acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. We highly suggest that you source Organic flowers. Nina’s Cake Cabin cannot be held responsible in any form for illness, disease or death due to the use of fresh flowers.

If you are going to have pressed flowers on your cake then we have our own Organic supplier, who will send the freshly picked flowers and then we prepare them and press them ourselves in ready for the wedding cake.  All flowers vary depending on season so it really depends on the date of the wedding with the flowers available.

Delivery Conditions

Delivery charge is calculated on a mileage, parking charges, toll Charges and time basis.

If you choose delivery, it is our intention that your cake will be delivered in perfect condition prior to the start of your event. However, in the unlikely event in which delivery is no longer deemed safe or possible, such as in adverse weather conditions, inaccessible roads and/or venue, government restrictions or regulation on travel, and other causes beyond Nina’s Cake Cabin’s control, we will contact you as soon as possible to make you aware of the situation. These factors are beyond our control and as such, we cannot be held liable and it will be your responsibility to make collection arrangements. In this event, the maximum compensation will be a refund of the delivery cost.

It is your responsibility to ensure you inform us of your correct ceremony venue & time and the person to liaise with at the venue, please give us the correct postcode for the venue and inform us of any adverse road hazards and/or obstacles or parking restrictions or delivery issues that may hamper the delivery and quality of finished cake. (Please note, excessive jarring due to potholes, road construction, or unseen road conditions, could damage the finished product to an unstable and undesirable state.). In the unlikely event of late delivery, the maximum compensation will be a refund of the delivery cost. In the case of an unavoidable occurrence, such as a car accident or poor road conditions during delivery, Nina’s Cake Cabin cannot be held liable for more than the price of the cake ordered. If cake is not delivered or irreparably damaged due to these circumstances, a full refund will be given for the price of the cake.

Delivery is calculated starting from our premises (return trip). The route taken is at our discretion and will be one deemed the safest journey for the cake. Nina’s Cake Cabin accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered to the agreed location. We handover a cake information sheet once the cake is set up and explain every detail to the person in charge at the venue. (We take photographs of all our cakes once we have set them up at the venue). Due to the effects of weather conditions (humidity, heat, precipitation, etc.), room conditions, table on un-level ground, insects and other wildlife, wind blowing, undesirable atmospheric items (i.e. dirt, leaves, branches, etc.), products such as icings, fillings, decorations, etc. may not hold up and cannot be assured satisfactory after delivery and set-up. No responsibility can be taken by Nina’s Cake Cabin for any subsequent damage once the cake has been set up and/or handed over to the venue. All orders must be thoroughly checked by yourself or a designated person and once they agree this will constitute acceptance of the cake and these terms. Late requests for delivery (after securing the booking based on collection) will be accommodated where possible, but cannot be guaranteed, as earlier commitments must take priority.

Whilst delivery is included or charged for as part of your order, incidences of extreme weather, including but not limited to, snow, flooding and gale force winds, may mean it is not safe for Nina’s Cake Cabin to travel to deliver your order. In such weather conditions, we will stay in contact with the client and provide opportunity for collection instead. We cannot be held liable in any capacity for delivery being prevented by weather or road conditions beyond our control. Refunds will not be offered for cakes under these circumstances. We will of course refund any delivery charges paid.

Delivery charges for trips over 4hrs are to be discussed on a per-customer basis due to the need for driver rest breaks and a possible overnight stay.

Collection Conditions

Nina’s Cake Cabin offers the option for customers to collect their cake free of charge from us. Not all cakes are suitable for collection so please ask at the point of order.

If you chose to collect the cake, under no circumstances will we be held liable for any damage to the cake once it has left our premises. You will be required to **sign an acceptance form for your cake before it leaves our premises, stating that the cake is in perfect condition, please check your cake before leaving with it. Nina’s Cake Cabin will not accept any liability for damage to your cake once it has left our premises. Photographs of all our cakes are taken before they leave us. You should ensure your cake travels on a smooth flat surface. We recommend the boot of your car, which should be free from items that can slide in to or fall on the cake. If the boot is empty, it is advisable to bring a blanket and or cushions that you can pad around the cake box to prevent movement.

Collections will be arranged for a mutually convenient date and time, please adhere to it. We may run as a home business, but we are not here just for the convenience of people collecting cakes, we have other commitments and obligations and cannot guarantee to be available if you come outside of the agreed time slot or date.

Tiered cakes are most at risk during transport, so please seek our advice on how to transport it. Wedding cakes can be very heavy and may come in several boxes. We will not accept any liability for self-assembly cakes that are not assembled properly or damaged during assembly. You assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves the possession of Nina’s Cake Cabin. We highly recommend you check your wedding insurance covers cake damage. To ensure your cake is as fresh as possible, we recommend it is collected the day before the wedding. We will not offer refunds for any cakes that fail to be collected for any reason.

Cake Set Up

It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure arrangements are made for the cake table, linen, cake stand & knife, which should all be set up prior to our arrival. If any delay is incurred due to these not being set-up, we reserve the right to charge for any delay incurred (labour costs at £20 per hour, plus any compensation required to pay to other brides who’s wedding cake delivery has been delayed as a result) or leave the cake with the event manager to assemble/move into position as appropriate. 

Please note: You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake(s). Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy, evenly balanced (not wobbly) table, and an optimal room temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20°C) or below. Take extra care to ensure a stable cake table if you are having an event/wedding in a marquee or outdoor event, as an uneven floor can easily rock the cake and possibly cause damage. Please ensure you make your venue aware of this.

All Cakes are fragile and require care and attention when handling, storing and displaying to prevent damage occurring. Please tell your caterers to carefully read the care instructions that comes with the cake on delivery or were provided at collection. When displaying your cake at your wedding reception avoid direct sunlight, spotlights, radiators or candles which could all cause damage to the cake and its decorations.

Damage- Please remember that cake decorations are very delicate items, and we cannot accept responsibility for damage that is done to the cake, decorations or topper after it has left our possession. This includes any decoration implemented by your florist. If any damage is rendered to the cake after it has left our possession, then you can advise us and request a repair, which will be priced accordingly, including transport costs if appropriate.

Storage & Consumption

All of our cakes are baked to ensure they are fresh for the date of your event. After this date, we advise sponge cakes are frozen asap to ensure the condition is retained, otherwise, we cannot guarantee the quality if it’s consumed more than 48 hours after the event. Our cakes are made entirely of fresh & natural ingredients, so we would like to remind you that because of this they will not have the extended shelf life of most supermarket cakes, which contain additives & preservatives to ensure their prolonged life.

Decorated cakes should not be stored in a refrigerator as it will cause condensation to form on the surface of the icing which can cause damage to your decorations and the surface of the cake. If the cake is not to be displayed straight away, it should be stored in the original box in dry, cool and hygienic condition, somewhere where it will not be moved or knocked, not in direct sunlight and away from damp or steam.

Decorated rich fruitcakes can be kept for several months if uncut and stored correctly (as above), but sponge cakes should ideally be consumed within 48 hours of receipt. Once cut store cake in a cool, dry, airtight, hygienic condition and consume within the 48 hours to enjoy at its best.

If you would like to freeze your sponge cakes please bear in mind that it will affect the visual appearance of the icing, as condensation will form upon defrosting. Food hygiene recommendations recommend that food should only be frozen for a maximum of 3 months. We recommend wrapping the cake in greaseproof paper and several layers cling film and to remove as much air as possible, then stored in an airtight container before freezing. The cake should not be refrozen once defrosted.

If you plan not to cut any of the tiers of your wedding cake on the day, please advise us so that we may leave suitable cake boxes on site for the safe transfer of your cake home. Otherwise we will remove all boxes from the venue to leave it as tidy as possible.

Freezing the cake, however, preserves the taste of the sponge & icing as much as feasibly possible, but please bear in mind that it will affect the visual appearance of the icing, as condensation will form upon defrosting. Food hygiene recommendations recommend that food should only be frozen for a maximum of 3 months.

Once home, the cake should be double wrapped in cling film to remove as much air as possible, then stored in an airtight container before freezing for a maximum of 3 months. The cake should not be refrozen if defrosted, therefore it may be appropriate for you to cut it into convenient portion sizes before freezing, so that it can be defrosted on a per portion basis. Sugar paste cakes should not be refrigerated, as it will cause condensation to form on the surface of the icing. Refrigeration also accelerates the staling of the flour in the cake, so should only be used with extreme caution e.g. If hot weather is compromising the quality of a chocolate decorated cake.


We always welcome feedback from our customers and, while we always use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that your experience as a customer of ours is a positive one, we nevertheless want to hear from you if you feel you have a cause for complaint. If you have concerns about your cake, please notify us upon collection/delivery/inspection so that we can rectify it in time for your event. If the cake is being delivered, we highly recommend a member of the family/event manager is made the designated point of contact for the day, to ensure the cake is checked over before we leave.

All other concerns should be made in writing and evidence of the fault should be included. Complaints will not be dealt with on the telephone or face to face, we require your complaint in writing.

Full refunds will never be given for any cake which has been consumed or partially consumed regardless of dispute, as consumption of the cake is viewed as your acceptance that the cake is adequate for the purpose for which it has been supplied. All cakes delivered to venues are photographed from different angles to show cake quality, surroundings and placement of cake on delivery.

We do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the cake or items with the cake such as knives, decorations and stands or any human intervention once the cake has been delivered and set up at venue or collected from our premises. No refunds are given due to change of mind.

If you are not happy with the aesthetic of your cake on collection/delivery, please let us know before signing the information sheet. We will be do our best to correct this where possible. 

All complaints should be addressed in writing to: 

 N. Evans Williams, Nina’s Cake Cabin, Penffordd, Llanfechell, Amlwch, Anglesey. LL68 0SF.

Equally we would love to hear your positive feedback regarding your cake as we really do hope that you are thrilled with it.


Prices for our cakes will depend on many factors including size, design complexity, amount of sugar flowers etc.

Please get in touch if you would like a quote for something specific.

All quotes provided are valid for 48 hours Only.


All delivery and set up charges to the chosen venue are included in the initial wedding cake quote. Please also refer to delivery conditions.

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